Wireless Tattoo Machine Reviews

 The act of tattooing in modern times now involves using electric tattoo machines. The tattoo machines inset ink into the skin through a group of needles fused onto a bar mounted to an oscillating unit. The needles are rapidly and repeatedly driven in and out of the skin by the unit, usually eighty to one hundred and fifty times a second.

In modern tattooing, a thermal stencil paper or hectograph is used by an artist to place the design print on the skin before the machine and needle are made to work on the skin. Artists are now able to create detailed artworks through this process. 

The rotary market has experienced a cordless revolution via the introduction of wireless tattoo machines, as many of the most renowned brands now have their versions. To help you cut the cord and join the wireless revolution, we're going to run through some of the best wireless tattoo machines.

One of the most popular selection options among tattoo artists has been to obtain the best wireless tattoo machine in the past few years. These machines now offer impressive performance as they operate very smoothly and swiftly, with a cordless power supply, which is economical and practical for designing the design tools.

The absence of wires in the tattooing process can feel very liberating as against using wired tattoo machines where wires often get tangled and need to be protected with blockade films. Also, they break easily, making different machine brands have various connectors for power plugs.

At this point, finding the best wireless tattoo machine boils down to your preferences, as different rotaries will provide a variety of adjustment options that will be better for your tattooing style and way of working. Here are the reviews of some of the wireless tattoo machines you can go for. You can get in touch with our team today to help find the best one for you! 

Spektra Flux S

The Spektra Flux S marks the first wireless PMU machine from the team behind Microbeau and DarkLab, following the popular Xion S permanent make-up machine. There is a detachable battery called PowerBolt, which is used to power the Spektra Flux S. This allows PMU artists to run the machine wirelessly without the trouble to look for cables or power supplies. It is interchangeable, which means one can swiftly and quickly switch to an auxiliary battery (that is sold separately) when the battery charge runs out to keep the work going without problems.

There is a USB-C connection and Dynamic Power-Path Management, with a lithium-ion battery in the PowerBolt. This is what makes the simultaneous power delivery and battery charging possible. It provides fast charging speeds - a maximum of 1.5 Amps, and a run time lasts for 10 hours, depending on the exact type of voltage and cartridge used. Also, there is stability and reliability provided by the higher energy density of the PowerBolt.

In addition, the PowerBolt has got three buttons - one is used to turn the Spektra Flux S on/off and the other two to adjust the voltage swiftly and efficiently. Then, there is a battery capacity, and voltage LED indicator. To regulate the voltage of the Spektra Flux in 0.5 V increments or decrements from 6 to 12 V, press the up and down arrows with the colour of the LED that corresponds to the voltage chart on the PowerBolt. Also, the PowerBolt offers a bonus ability to 'kill-switch' the machine. This is helpful when you are traveling with the PMU machine by flight, as it stops the Spektra Flux S from being switched on without notice. 

You can pair the Spektra Flux S with DarkLab's Hover power supply and app, as it is Bluetooth-enabled. It is future-proof as you can use the DarkLab app to update it with the latest firmware wirelessly. It is also interesting to know that the Spektra Rotary's Flux S is a direct drive tattoo machine that offers a 3 mm stroke. This means it excels in all forms of PMU techniques. In addition, it is really quiet when running, with minimal vibration. Two PowerBolts come with this version of the Spektra Flux S. 


Stigma-Rotary®is the only tattoo machine with direct drive technology and a stroke length, which is fast and super easy to set and adjust without the need to exchange parts or the inconvenience using tools. You can adjust the stroke length of the Stigma® Shot easily from 3.0 mm to 4.0 mm by twisting the motor. 

As the only direct drive tattoo machine, Stigma® Shot also has a forced stay-up function just for cartridges and standard needles. This means that the needles always stop at the upper position. The Shot has been the safest direct drive machine available with this function. A 6-Watt high-quality coreless motor Powers the Shot, with a 2 mm shaft as well as two preloaded ball bearings. In addition, there is a protected, gold-plated RCA connection. You can use the Stigma-Rotary® Shot with cartridge grips from all major brands due to its universal compatible screw-on connection, and it has grips with a backstem for standard tattoo needles.

Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited

In the evolvement of Cheyenne's popular SOL Nova rotary, its first wireless tattoo machine is the Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited. This wireless pen-style rotary is powered by a rechargeable battery, which offers a minimum of five hours of running time. SOL Nova Unlimited comes with Two batteries with a charger and cable, which means you can swap out the first while your other one is charging as you continue working.

It takes a single button and motion control to operate the Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited. You can quickly and swiftly adjust the frequency of the SOL Nova Unlimited by holding the button down while tilting the machine. You tilt up to increase the frequency and tilt down to decrease. The Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited is ideal for a wide range of tattooing styles, as it has a wide frequency bandwidth that ranges from 25 to 140 Hz. For dot work and realism, lower the frequency of the wireless tattoo machine, or turn it up for fuller and more intense lines.

The wireless SOL Nova Unlimited's two operating modes are Steady Mode and Responsive Mode. The former will result in your rotary machine running at a controlled speed with no consistent hard hit. While with the latter, the frequency and hit of the Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited will regulate according to the surface you're tattooing - essentially emulating give.

Inkjecta Flite X1

Another wireless, battery-powered rotary tattoo machine with innovative technology is the Inkjecta Flite X1, which offers many adjustment options. Cables or power supplies are not needed to run the Inkjecta Flite X1 as it's completely wireless, allowing for maximum freedom of movement. You can constantly adjust the balance of the tattoo machine to suit your preferences since it comes with two rechargeable and interchangeable Li-Ion batteries and a battery charger. The battery-powered Inkjecta Flite X1 offers up to 8 hours of runtime.  

The voltage and needle depth of the Inkjecta Flite X1 can easily and swiftly be adjusted as it comes with intuitive onboard controls. You press the corresponding button and tilt the wireless machine to adjust the voltage from 4.5 to 16.5 V- left for a lower voltage, suitable for higher.

The needle depth is controlled by the two arrow keys on the body of the Flite X1, so you can adjust by simply pressing one while working - even with a fixed grip. There are two custom nanotechnology motors within the Inkjecta Flite X1 - one for the needle depth adjustment and the other for the drive. In addition, the wireless tattoo machine is fully compatible with needle bars from the widely-used Flite Nano range, as well as cams.

Stigma-Rotary® Force

The Stigma-Rotary® Force is a wireless pen-style tattoo machine with a unique and state-of-the-art dual-drive system. Push cartridge needles with power and precision, the Stigma-Rotary®'s wireless Force pen uses a custom, German-made Faulhaber brushless motor with dual shafts, creating a superior force during tattooing.

This wireless tattoo machine provides many hours of non-stop runtime throughout the day. It uses a dual cam mechanism for isometric operation and robustness while requiring zero maintenance. The Stigma-Rotary® Force machine will offer between six and 10 hours from a single charge as it comes with a removable Power Pack that offers a built-in display and controls. Also, the Power Pack is Bluetooth-enabled, which allows you to pair the wireless machine with Stigma®'s Pilot footswitch or mobile app.

You can customise and adjust parameters via the Power Pack, such as motion control, voltage, and the digital give & boost feature. This allows you to set your Stigma® Force to hit harder or softer in three levels. Stigma-Rotary® Force comprises three versions, featuring the following stroke lengths: 2.8, 3.7 or 4.5 mm. The 3.7 mm version is a powerful all-rounder daily driver, the 2.8 mm stroke length is perfect for shading, and the 4.5 mm variant is ideal for colour packing and lining.

Equaliser Wireless Pen V2

A user-friendly wireless tattoo machine with two removable batteries from KWADRON is the Equaliser Wireless Pen V2 - no need for cables and power supplies! Equaliser's wireless machine features a clear digital display, has an aluminium housing, and has three buttons for operating it. The digital display shows battery level (%), the voltage (V), and the time that has elapsed since switching on the machine – it resets every time you switch it off. The Equaliser Wireless Pen V2 offers a voltage range of 5-12 V and is adjustable in 0.1 V, and the recommended range increments/decrements - 6-10 V.

The machine comes with an aluminium grip with a 32 mm diameter. It has two additional non-slip silicone grips (32 and 35 mm), it has a direct drive, a 3.5 mm stroke, a 4.5 W motor, and a built-in Jump Start. The batteries will take around 2 hours to fully charge and offer up to 8 hours of working time. Two removable batteries come along with the Equaliser Wireless Pen V2, so you can be working with one while charging the other.

FK Irons EXO

The FK Irons EXO offers unstoppable power, whether wireless or wired. It is fitted with the same 9-Watt brushless motor that features the Flux. It requires fewer passes to saturate ink, reducing trauma to the skin. It's as well ideal for colour packing. 

FK Irons' EXO rotary is more comfortable during longer tattooing sessions as it includes a 40 mm ergonomic grip. Also, the grip is forward-weighted, giving it a pen-like feel, allowing maximum needle control and helping to eliminate wrist pain. It can be applied wired or wirelessly as it comes with the interchangeable RCA Bolt and PowerBolt, with one of three stroke lengths: 2.5, 3.2 and 4.0 mm.


The first thing about this product is the length. The pen is surprisingly long, especially compared to those that come in one piece with a wireless battery. The machine is a little thinner than its counterparts, and it is a tool regarded as a perfect tattoo gun for tattoo artists at a low price. Its design is more suited for those familiar with thinner pens, like ladies with small palms.

The machine is a very suitable tool for precise line work, as it is simple, classic, shading, and cover packing. It fits all skin types as it smoothly transfers ink to the skin. The mast rotary pen can be connected to a power supply using an RCA cord manufactured from solid rods of high-grade aluminium, polished, with laser organised logo. It is compatible with all standard tattoo power suppliers. 


Battery_Powered Tattoo Gun is an inexpensive tattoo gun available in two different colours – red and black. It will surprise you to know that the pen comes with a cable, two professional tattoo grips, and a 1-year guarantee. One of the noticeable advantages of this kit is the availability of three diverse diameter grips and two disposable grips. A single push of a button is required to start the device- no need to hold. The device has a user-friendly display that shows the voltage, charge level, and operating time. The device is comfortable because everything is visible and understandable! 

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