Top 10 Tactical Dog Harness Reviews

A piece of equipment consisting in part of straps, which surround a dog's torso is known as a dog harness. It is used to hold, lift, and guide the dog, or to utilise its pulling power. In the case of pulling, it reduces tension on the neck of dogs and provides free breathing during day-to-day walks. Also, in sports like mushing among others, where a dog's pulling power is needed, the harness provides practical use of force,  maintaining freedom of movement. The aforementioned is specifically designed in different kinds in order to support dogs in the completion of a working task.

For dogs working in the field in the line of emergency medical personnel, military staff, and police officials, Tactical vests and harnesses are incredibly useful accompaniments. These loadable, lightweight “backpacks for dog” are often used by radical sports enthusiasts, campers and hikers who love going on adventures with their friends with four legs. Below is the review of the top 10 tactical dog harness.

1. Icefang Tactical Harness

This harness is known as the standard modular equipment with load-carrying feature, which is widely used by military personnel and police dogs. This escape-proof harness is made for lengthy workdays with adjustable straps and no-rub design. Depending on your dog’s training level, you can attach or affix your dog’s strap to the front or rear back harness clips.

The large handle makes it easy, when you’re taking your dog for a walk in an enormous crowd, to rapidly grab your pets and keep them near when necessary. Pieces of MOLLE on every side of the harness makes it easy for you to affix MOLLE-compatible compartments for carrying or carabineer clips. Also the harness has got a hook on the bottom for affixing toys or water bowls.

2. OneTigris Harness – Fire Watcher Patrol

This harness is good for you if you take your dog on camping trips, as it features elastic cords along the top, which is excellent for your dog to carry any piece of outdoor gear like a rolled-up sleeping mat. Although it is not meant to carry heavy gears, by the water-resistant 1000D nylon fabric, it's made to withstand severe weather conditions.

You can attach your dog’s ID patch and signs like “don’t pet” to the side panels of the harness if you have a service dog. Also, there are two MOLLE leashes for attaching light compartments. A top handle for crowded busy neighbourhoods and two leash attachments ensure easy and controlled walks. In addition, this harness has three different sizes available and it comes with flexible buckle attachments to make sure dogs got the perfect fit.

3. Julius-K9 Power harness Camouflage

Dogs will behave better on walks when they feels comfortable wearing their harness. With special design, this professional-grade product targets toward preventing pressure from amassing in a dog’s joints or neck area. It has won excellence awards and is widely used by police officers, professional dog trainers, and firefighters across the world.

While this harness is known to be a favourite of emergency personnel, it is an incredible choice for everyday pet dogs. The ergonomic structure makes walking more comfortable and easy for dog owners and your pets. Also, there is a chest buckle and side logo with reflective material, this can be useful and effective for night-time walks. And If you decide to attach any equipment on it, the harness is able to bear an amazing weight of up to 661 pounds, which is obviously more heavy than what any dog could carry anyway.

4. Excellent Elite Spanker

When considering a military dog harness, the Excellent Elite Spanker is what you should go for because it's got everything that you can wish for in a police and military dog gear. There are adjustable bands with MOLLE patches to affix equipment, ID panels, and pouches. For attaching your dog’s leash, it has four quick-release clasps, a top V-shaped buckle and a sturdy top handle.

The product is made to withstand any outdoor activities with intensity for your dog as it is made of reliable and water-resistant 1000D nylon material. It is good for your dog with its smooth padded lining and flexible straps as well. There are three various sizes with four cool and fashionable colours you can choose from – some prefer dark grey as against the German shepherd’s coat.

5. Jasgood Military Dog Harness

Jasgood has got an incredible military-style dog harness, which comes with two MOLLE compartments and one MOLLE holder for water bottles. This can be used in everyday walks, and you can attach or affix extra equipment when going for longer hikes. It is a great place to start building your MOLLE collection.

Your dog will feel comfortable in this soft padded nylon harness provided the weight is evenly distributed. And it will keep your dog cool and nice with a breathable inner mesh lining. Also, to help find the perfect and personalized fit for your dog, there are four adjustable buckles.

6. Ultrafun Tactical Molle Vest

This is an innovative product that has got two leash accessories on the front end and the rear back which enables you to customize the whole walking experience. Instead of the usual one, there are two carrying handles on the front and rear back of the harness. This simply means that the two handles easily allow you to lift up your dog when necessary. If you have a dog with short legs, this could be useful as you can easily get your dog into the vehicle and car, for instance.

You can match a collection of patches, pouches and other accessories by using the MOLLE system which runs through the entire harness. The reliable nylon is strengthened with strong stitching to make sure that the harness itself stays unscathed. To get the perfect fit for your dog, you can choose from three different sizes and then make adjustment to the hook straps.

7. Rabbitgoo Reflective Dog Harness No-Pull

This is a reflective harness that is good for dog owners who have to walk their dogs at night. If you are one of them, you’ll want to invest in rabbitgoo harnesses as nothing beats it in this aspect. The harness comes with four adjustment points for the purpose of obtaining a perfect fit. You can steer your dog to redirect his attention toward you when it gets distracted, as allowed by the leash attached to the front of the harness. It’s known to be a great leash for everyday use.

There are reflective strips sewn into the nylon to make dogs easier to see at night. According to the company, dogs are visible up to 1,000 feet away while putting on this harness. Also, the martingale loop on the chest strap is known to prevent the reflective leash from twisting.

8. Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Harness

The PetSafe Deluxe Car Safety Harness is a product that will restrict your dog while you drive, and prevent it from distracting you. It has been stress-tested to over 3000 pounds following the rigorous crash testing that it has been put through in a DOT-certified facility.

There is a provision to keep your dog from overheating as the harness is equipped with a breathable liner. Your dog will be comfortable and safe in this harness, with the chest and back plates fully padded.

You can get the PetSafe car safety harness in four different sizes and fits pets ranging from 6 to 120 pounds. Also, there is company’s lifetime warranty against workmanship - and defects in the material.

This harness can be attached to the safety seat anchors that are made for children’s car seats. Though, it requires getting an optional 3-point attachment accessory. However, it is good because you can use this harness with or without the seat anchors, as against other ones that cannot be used without the anchors.

9. Puppia Soft Dog Harness

Puppia Soft Dog Harness is regarded to be one of the top-selling dogs harnesses on the market (for dogs of any size). 100% soft polyester air mesh is used to make it – a breathable lightweight material.

For those dogs that enjoy being fashion-forward, the holders will love all the options that are available with the harness. It comes in a large variety of colours (precisely 12 ) and also comes in six sizes, unlike other products. You can put the harness on and take it off your dog swiftly and easily as it is equipped with an adjustable chest strap and a simple buckle.

There is a D-ring on the back of the harness that enables you to attach any standard leash to the harness in swiftly. The six sizes range from extra-small to XX-large. For dogs with neck sizes of 7.5-19 inches and chest girth of 9-39 inches, it is a perfect fit for them.

10. Holt Total Control Dog Harness

For those who have seen a well-behaved pooch walking cheerily next to its owner, they know there is a proper way to stroll a dog. However, there are overly high-strung dogs that refuse to stroll appropriately (on a leash).

While they may behave well for a short time, as soon as they sight other dogs or a human going toward them they start jumping and there is nothing that can be done about it. So, if you have a dog that needs to be trained, you can go for humane dog harness as it helps gain control while strolling excitable pets without causing any form of physical harm.

As against similar products, it comes with a simple one-piece design that is easier to put on dogs, and also applies an even amount of pressure underneath the dog’s chest rather than pulling on his neck.  This dog harness is comfortable for your dogs as it is made from soft, braided nylon.

Though this harness may not seem to look very durable, it is known for having the ability to stop e pulling excite le large breeds. There is a simplistic design that applies gentle pressure to correct and stop them from lunging, jumping or pulling on their lead. The Coastal Pet Products' dog harness doesn’t feature buckles or clasps.

For a customized fit, you slip it over the dog’s head and then adjust the sturdy met hardware. Since there is no much to this harness, one may be wondering how it works so well considering that it has so much less material unlike other traditional dog harnesses.

Buying Guide

In today’s world, it can be easy forgotten, as we usually don’t ask anything from our dogs except that they behave and have fun, that dogs may get bored when nurtured to do certain specific tasks for their owner and human companions. One of the great ways to strengthen your bond is by asking your dog to help out in some way, which also makes your dog happier.

Camping gear, water, and dog toys are a few important items that military style dog harnesses allow dogs to carry. Your dog can look stunning and do its part, whether you decide to go on a hike, a park outing or a weeklong camping trip. Dogs that work with military personnel, firefighters, law enforcement agents, emergency medical technicians, owners with blindness or other disabilities, among others, wear such harnesses.

It may interest you to also know that working dogs tend to carry essential supplies like liquid bandages or first aid. They do carry out these activities using the pouches attached to their harnesses. In addition, the dog’s job may also be explained via some patches. For dogs to be easily seen at night, these useful harnesses may also have clearly reflective stripes, meaning that you don’t need to trade them for an harness with LED in cold winter time.

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